Nurtured Foods the online market for artisan producers

Supported Foods, a start-up online marketplace for craftsmen manufacturers and sellers to sell their products directly to consumers, has released in the UK.

The marketplace provides customers with the chance to discover local items, from smoked salmon from a household cigarette smoker to amazing treats like handmade chocolates and even caviar or hand dug truffles.

Just over a year back, Libby Stratton planning to turn her hobby as a baker into a weekend company. However, Libby discussed she had a surprise as by the time she had paid for a website and some local advertising she understood she had to sell a lot of cakes just to cover costs. The time that Libby normally invested baking was now taken up with trying to update the website and manage social media.

After speaking to fellow craftsmen, producers and sellers at regional farmers markets and nation fairs, Libby realized it was a bigger problem. As she discussed: There are thousands of extremely enthusiastic, enthusiastic and exceptionally talented people out there who are having a hard time to discover a route to market.

With Nurtured Foods, Libby has set out to alter this. Libby and her group have actually developed a site where a seller can setup a store in 10 minutes and start offering their products right away to customers who are as enthusiastic about local foods as them.

A one stop buys artisan regional food.

Supported Foods aspiration is to be the one stop look for artisan local food. And it seems to be a success up until now in the couple of weeks since its launch; Nurtured Foods now has around 70 sellers from all over the UK utilizing the marketplace.

One of the marketplace sellers Deersbrook Farm says, Nurtured are as passionate about local and sustainable produce as we are. Understanding the value of consuming high quality, seasonal food, direct from the farmers, they have established a platform, which makes it easy to source wonderful regional produce. We are pleased to include our native type, grass-fed beef on Nurtured.

Libby Stratton added: Whilst I still put on t get much time to invest in my cooking area, I do get to meet amazing craftsmen all over the UK and hopefully handle to give them a few extra hours baking, making and raising their produce and products!.


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